MLK first used term "I have a dream" during a speech in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

A N.C. State Professor has launched a site,, that contains a newly discovered audio recording of a speech by King in Rocky Mount, NC, in which he used the refrain "I have a dream." Here is the UNC School of Government's take: << Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Americans across the nation observed the national holiday and celebrated Dr. King’s contribution to the Civil Rights Movement. ABC 11 reports here that N.C. State professor Jason Miller launched a website that contains a restored recording of a November 1962 speech that King delivered in Rocky Mount. The website explains that King first delivered the famous “I have a dream” refrain during the Rocky Mount speech. The tape recording of the speech was stored for nearly 50 years before being discovered in a library in 2013. The analog tape was digitally restored and the nearly hour-long speech is now available for listening on the website. >>
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