Federal Criminal Defense

Our Raleigh Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight Serious Accusations

The moment a federal agent contacts you, a federal grand jury subpoena comes in the mail or you otherwise become involved in a criminal investigation, retain a federal criminal defense lawyer. Do not wait for charges to be filed before you seek legal advice. Obtaining legal representation is in no way an admission of guilt, as innocent people unfortunately often believe. Rather, hiring a lawyer is a smart decision that could change the course of your case and protect your future. By retaining counsel at the investigative stage of the case, you may be able to avoid criminal charges altogether, avoid pitfalls that often entrap innocent people, and keep your future in your hands, as opposed to the hands of government prosecutors.

Cheshire Parker Schneider was founded in 1978 to assist clients asserting their rights in complex federal and state criminal investigations. The members of our federal crimes defense section have represented congress members, governors, business leaders and other high-profile clients in the political, entertainment, business and financial sectors. Our Raleigh criminal defense team works to handle each case with discretion and experience to protect your freedom, reputation, career and financial interests. We have the drive, resources and experience to successfully protect your rights at every stage of the federal judicial process.

Why Early Intervention in Federal Investigation is Vital

Whether you are a suspect, a target or a witness in a federal grand jury investigation, you should not proceed without the advice and protection of counsel. The federal grand jury investigation is often just as complicated and perilous as a federal criminal trial. Our attorneys protect your livelihood and reputation if you are a witness in a federal investigation. If you are a suspect (also known as a “target”), we can sometimes prevent charges from being filed altogether. In some cases, we are able to divert a criminal investigation to a civil action that eliminates the threat of incarceration. In other circumstances, we are able to have cases moved to state court and thereby avoid the harsher federal sentencing guidelines.

Federal Court Procedures and Sentencing Guidelines

Our federal trial attorneys understand the complex federal court procedures and sentencing guidelines in cases involving fraud, money laundering, securities violations, political corruption, drug trafficking, firearms offenses and other federal crimes. Our primary goal is to help you avoid a long prison term. We also aggressively protect you from collateral damage, including tarnished reputation, loss of your professional license, heavy fines and forfeiture of property. We work as a team with our professional licensing defense division to protect your career and credentials. In addition, we challenge the unlawful seizure of your assets by the federal government, which have become all too common in recent years.

Do not take on the federal government alone; you have too much at stake. We build a strong defense to put you in the best possible position to protect your future.

Speak With a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer at Cheshire Parker Schneider

Do not delay in obtaining counsel if you are the target, subject or witness of a federal criminal investigation. The earlier we become involved, the more options we have for helping you. Call Cheshire Parker Schneider at (919) 833-3114 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our experienced Raleigh federal criminal defense lawyers.