Federal & North Carolina Criminal Law

Trust Our Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorneys to Advocate for You

Cheshire Parker Schneider has zealously advocated for the rights of individuals in the criminal justice system for more than 40 years. Our attorneys believe that everybody, no matter their status or the level or type of crime, deserve aggressive, knowledgeable defense counsel.

Our Raleigh criminal defense team is well known in North Carolina and nationwide for our aggressive pursuit of truth and justice in high-profile cases. We have spared our clients the death penalty in capital murder trials. We have won release of innocent prisoners who were wrongly convicted. We have also steered political corruption cases away from federal grand jury investigations. However, our misdemeanor division takes our clients’ cases just as seriously, recognizing the substantial impact that a DWI or possession charge can have on their lives, employment and families.

A History of Success in Serious and High-Profile Prosecutions

Cheshire Parker Schneider has the experience, determination and resources to defend our clients against the most serious of charges, including capital murder, white-collar crimes, drug offenses, sexual assault and other violent crimes. We appear in North Carolina’s state courts and in federal courts throughout the country. Our team often takes cases at the early investigative stage to help clients avoid prosecution. Our trial attorneys are aggressive and strategic negotiators, when a plea deal is in our client’s best interests. Our appellate division pursues legal justice in the higher courts.

To better serve our clients, each criminal defense attorney at Cheshire Parker Schneider studies topics related to criminal cases, such as election laws, campaign finance, government ethics investigations, asset forfeiture proceedings, DSS investigations, and university honor codes. We regularly consult with experts in DNA, ballistics, computer forensics, forensic accounting, and other subjects that are relevant to evidence in our cases.

Your Advocates In and Outside of the Courtroom

Our lawyers care deeply about all of our clients, stand up for them in and out of court and enforce their rights. Understandably, most of our clients wish to remain anonymous, and we handle their cases with discretion, confidentiality and professionalism.

However, criminal investigations involving politicians and celebrities often become a matter of public knowledge and scrutiny, occasionally leading to unwanted publicity for our clients. In these cases, our duty of advocacy moves outside the courtroom, as we manage the flow of information released by the local, statewide and national media.

We understand that the damage to reputation and career can be one of the most devastating aspects of a criminal accusation and so we take steps to mitigate these collateral consequences as well. For example, our professional licensing defense division represents clients before their professional boards when accusations result in an ethics investigation or disciplinary action.

In addition, our firm remains on the front lines of criminal justice reforms. We support legislation and ethics rules that strengthen the rights of the accused and the fairness of the criminal justice system in North Carolina. We championed the open-file discovery rules that require prosecutors in state court to turn over all case-related information. And our criminal appellate division has argued numerous appeals that resulted in important case law that governs the judicial process.

Retain Legal Counsel to Defend Your Rights in the N.C. Criminal Justice System

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