North Carolina DWI / Drunk Driving

Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Raleigh DWI attorney Collin Cook has been recognized as one of the top DWI lawyers in North Carolina by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense.

With the Raleigh police focusing increasingly on making DWI arrests, and with so many lawyers out there, hiring an experienced DWI defense lawyer is critical.

Collin Cook heads our misdemeanor, traffic and DWI division. He is a skilled and polished trial attorney who regularly appears in district court, where drunk driving cases are heard. He has earned the respect of prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and the clients he has represented for his professionalism, skills and determination.

Aggressive DWI Defense

A driving while impaired arrest is a serious charge, and is often a person’s only experience with the criminal judicial system. By retaining a criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest, you improve the options available to you. Colin Cook will advise you of your rights, conduct a thorough investigation of your case and, if appropriate, negotiate with prosecutors for a fair plea deal. Based on our comprehensive analysis of the evidence, we recommend trial when we believe it is in your best interests to challenge the evidence. Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer might:

  • Challenge breathalyzer test results
  • Challenge field sobriety test results
  • File a motion to suppress evidence that is irrelevant, prejudicial or gathered through an unlawful search and seizure
  • Question officers about police reports and other evidence
  • Research and present exculpatory evidence

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