Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations

Our Raleigh Lawyers for Defense of Child Abuse Charges Protect Your Family

Allegations of child abuse or neglect present families with one of the most legally complex and emotionally difficult challenges imaginable. In North Carolina, regardless of how criminal authorities treat such allegations, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is required to conduct its own investigation and take its own actions. However, the two agencies often work together and share information, which is one of the many reasons why it’s important for people facing such investigations to have the protection of counsel. With nearly a century of combined experience in the law, Cheshire Parker Schneider’s Raleigh criminal defense team understands what you’re up against and is ready to help you through it.

Parents Being Investigated for Child Abuse and Neglect Have Rights

Parents and families often have little understanding of their statutory and constitutional rights in North Carolina DSS investigations. They often believe — incorrectly — that they have no choice when DSS asks them to submit to intrusive actions, sometimes including the indefinite surrender of visitation rights. In fact, parents and families are entitled to representation of counsel in DSS investigations and, if they so decide, to seek judicial review of DSS actions by an independent judge.

Because allegations of abuse or neglect often involve parallel criminal proceedings and DSS proceedings, our practice has expanded over the years to serve our clients in both forums. Our attorneys work with families, DSS representatives, law enforcement officials, judges and our own investigators and experts to defend parents and protect family autonomy in child abuse or neglect cases.

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If you’ve been accused of child abuse or neglect, you should act fast to make sure you’re represented during every interaction with the state of North Carolina. In such an emotional situation, an experienced Raleigh lawyer for defense of child abuse and neglect charges can help you avoid preventable mistakes and put your best face forward. With more than 40 years in criminal defense, Cheshire Parker Schneider has the experience you need to fight the accusations. Call us today at (919) 833-3114 or contact us online to get started.