Grand Jury Subpoenas and Target Letters

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If you received a federal grand jury subpoena or target letter, you need to contact a lawyer. It is that simple.

A federal grand jury is, in essence, an investigative arm of the federal government. Through a grand jury, federal prosecutors can obtain grand jury subpoenas that require people to testify and/or compel people and companies to produce documents and other evidence. The testimony and documents will be used by the grand jury to determine whether a crime has been committed and, if so, who committed it. Thus, a grand jury subpoena or a target letter is a clear indication that a federal criminal investigation is ongoing. Under those circumstances, it’s vital that you talk to and experienced federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Your Rights Are at Stake in a Federal Criminal Investigation

Federal grand juries operate in secret, without the oversight of a judge and without the participation of defense attorneys. For that reason and others, people and companies who receive grand a jury subpoena or a target letter should talk with a lawyer before responding.

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