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Encountering the justice system can be confusing, threatening, and sometimes dangerous to our clients’ interests. Cheshire Parker Schneider's lawyers are some of the most experienced and fearless in our fields. We work tirelessly to help our clients deal with all aspects of the encounter: legal, familial, professional, and otherwise.

Our dedication to our clients and commitment to individual attention prevent us from taking every case. We limit our caseload so we can focus our utmost attention on those individuals whose legal problems we decide to make our own.

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Federal and State Criminal Law

Defense of all North Carolina state and federal criminal charges including high-profile prosecutions in matters ranging from political corruption to healthcare and other fraud to drug cases. Read More

Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations

Allegations of child abuse or neglect present families with one of the most legally complex and emotionally difficult challenges imaginable. In North Carolina, regardless of how criminal authorities treat such allegations, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is required to conduct its own investigation and take its own actions. Read More

Drug Offenses

Since the 1980s, North Carolina and federal law enforcement’s focus on the manufacturing, possession and trafficking of illegal drugs has increased dramatically, as have the punishments and penalties for drug crimes. More recently, that focus has expanded to include prescription drug fraud and abuse. Read More

DWI / Drunk Driving

Raleigh DWI attorney Collin Cook has been recognized as one of the top DWI lawyers in North Carolina by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense. With the Raleigh police focusing increasingly on making DWI arrests, and with so many lawyers out there, hiring an experienced DWI defense lawyer is critical. Read More
Attorneys: Collin Cook, Hart Miles

Election Law & Government Ethics Investigations

Whether it’s on the front end, when our clients are mapping out a strategy to enter or remain in public office, or on the back end, when they are facing scrutiny from ethics or law enforcement officials, Cheshire Parker Schneider's Raleigh defense lawyers have represented numerous public officials and political figures. Read More

Federal Criminal Defense

The moment a federal agent contacts you, a federal grand jury subpoena comes in the mail or you otherwise become involved in a criminal investigation, retain a federal criminal defense lawyer. Do not wait for charges to be filed before you seek legal advice. Read More

Grand Jury Subpoenas and Target Letters

If you received a federal grand jury subpoena or target letter, you need to contact a lawyer. It is that simple. A federal grand jury is, in essence, an investigative arm of the federal government. Through a grand jury, federal prosecutors can obtain grand jury subpoenas that require people to testify and/or compel people and companies to produce documents and other evidence. Read More

Healthcare Fraud

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force and other federal authorities aggressively pursue charges against individuals and organizations suspected of healthcare fraud. While being charged with a federal crime can lead to severe penalties, just facing an investigation can have lasting consequences for practitioners and other healthcare providers as well. Read More

False Claims Act

The False Claims Act is a federal statute that imposes civil and criminal penalties for healthcare providers who submit fraudulent reimbursement claims to Medicare, Medicaid and other federal benefit programs. The government can choose to investigate healthcare providers under the False Claims Act independently; or, it can launch an investigation in response to the filing of a qui tam lawsuit. Read More

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

For physicians, hospitals, and others in the healthcare industry, Medicare and Medicaid are crucial federal benefit programs that provide the funding necessary to treat patients who lack access to private health insurance. Unfortunately, due to widespread abuse, providers in North Carolina and around the country are increasingly facing federal investigations involving allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Read More

Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute

The Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute are federal laws that prohibit the solicitation, payment and receipt of patient referrals and compensation for patient referrals under a broad range of circumstances. Both laws apply in cases where payment for services rendered is to be made through a federal benefit program (such as Medicare or Medicaid), making violations of the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute a form of healthcare fraud. Read More

Homicides, Sexual Assaults and Other Violent Crimes

Few criminal charges carry higher stakes for the accused, or traditionally receive more attention from law enforcement and the public, than those associated with homicide and physical or sexual assault. Our criminal defense lawyers have defended individuals charged with all types of violent crimes in both state and federal courts across North Carolina. Read More

Traffic Violations & Criminal Offenses

Traffic violations can add up to hefty fines, suspended driving privileges, higher insurance premiums and, in some cases, incarceration. Cheshire Parker Schneider takes steps to help you avoid these consequences. Our Raleigh criminal defense attorneys recognize the impact that your traffic-related charge has on your life, your finances, your job and your freedom, and we pursue the best possible outcome in your case. Read More
Attorneys: Collin Cook, Hart Miles

White Collar Charges

Since 1978, Cheshire Parker Schneider has handled complex fraud and other white-collar criminal investigations in the federal and state courts nationwide, including here in North Carolina. Our white-collar criminal defense team assists businesses, business leaders, professionals, executives and elected officials accused of fraud, securities crimes, corporate breaches and political corruption. Read More

Appeals, Post-Conviction & MAR

A conviction is not necessarily the end of your case. You may have grounds for an appeal. Cheshire Parker Schneider has helped defendants access this important form of relief since 1978. Our appellate and post-conviction lawyers dedicate their lives to seeking justice and relief after a judgment has been entered. Read More

Professional Ethics & License Defense

Professional license defense for lawyers, doctors, accountants, real estate agents and brokers, pharmacists, and other legal, medical, and financial professionals. Read More

CPA License Defense

Like other licensed professionals in North Carolina, CPAs are subject to a comprehensive set of standards and guidelines that address a wide range of ethical and other considerations in both their personal and professional lives. For CPAs, these standards are largely — though not entirely — set forth in the Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct enforced by the State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners (the “Board”). Read More

Real Estate License Defense

Real estate agents and brokers licensed in North Carolina are subject to a rigid set of professional standards. Failure to adhere to these standards can result in disciplinary action by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (the “Commission”), which can lead to penalties up to and including license revocation. Read More

Civil Rights

Our civil rights lawyers recently obtained what is believed to be the largest combined verdict for wrongly convicted people in United States history of $75 million. Read More
Camp Lejeune Toxic Water…

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Claims

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Claims On August 10, 2022, the President signed into law the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022. Read More
Attorneys: Elliot Sol Abrams

Asset Forfeiture Defense

Asset forfeiture defense and fighting for return of seized money and property in federal civil and criminal forfeiture matters. Read More

NCAA Infraction Defense

Representation of coaches, student athletes, institutions and others in NCAA investigations and infractions matters. Read More

Student Conduct & Title IX Proceedings

Defense of students accused of university honor code violations, including representation at university disciplinary hearings. Read More