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Our Raleigh Criminal Appeals Attorneys Pursue Justice

A conviction is not necessarily the end of your case. You may have grounds for an appeal. Cheshire Parker Schneider has helped defendants access this important form of relief since 1978. Our appellate and post-conviction lawyers dedicate their lives to seeking justice and relief after a judgment has been entered.

Our lawyers have decades of experience fighting for a second chance for the convicted. In addition to knowledge of the complex rules of post-conviction litigation, we have the passion and creativity necessary to develop compelling arguments to judges in state and federal courts. We have a history of success filing and arguing direct appeals in North Carolina state and federal appellate courts, conducting post-conviction investigations and successfully litigating motions for appropriate relief in state trial courts and § 2255 and habeas corpus motions in federal court.

Our dedicated criminal defense team regularly represents high-profile clients and handles challenging questions of law and fact. Because our attorneys have defended clients against capital murder, white collar, conspiracy and other serious criminal offenses, we understand the complex issues involved in these cases when they reach appeal.

Re-Examining Your Conviction from Every Angle

The approach we take on appeal depends on the facts of your case. To determine whether you have grounds for an appeal, we thoroughly review your pre-trial and trial record and, when appropriate, the investigation leading up to your charges and conviction. After identifying appealable issues, we form compelling arguments to present to the higher courts. We may seek modification of your sentence, a new trial, a writ of habeas corpus, your immediate release from incarceration, DNA testing or other proper and just legal remedies.

Case Study: Our Dedicated Lawyers Never Give Up

Our appellate team never gives up on our clients. Our Raleigh criminal appeals attorneys are known throughout North Carolina for their tenacity and perseverance in the face of extraordinary odds.

For example, The New York Times covered the case of an innocent man who spent 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Not only was Mr. Taylor finally released, but we also won a declaration of innocence to relieve him from the unfair burden that a criminal conviction places on the innocent years after release.

Like many of our clients, Mr. Taylor seemed without hope to many, but our attorneys recognized the horrific injustice and we vehemently fought to rectify it.

Convictions are often the effective end of the criminal justice process, but, when the facts and law allow, our appellate and post-conviction lawyers work hard to give your case renewed life in our quest for justice for our clients.

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Note that the specific case referenced above does not represent all of the cases Cheshire Parker Schneider has handled, and past results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases. Every case is unique.