Drug Offenses

Our Raleigh Drug Charge Defense Lawyers Fight for You

Since the 1980s, North Carolina and federal law enforcement’s focus on the manufacturing, possession and trafficking of illegal drugs has increased dramatically, as have the punishments and penalties for drug crimes. More recently, that focus has expanded to include prescription drug fraud and abuse.

Drug cases often seem open-and-shut and punishments are usually severe. To protect your rights, you should obtain legal counsel immediately. Cheshire Parker Schneider's Raleigh criminal defense team has the experience necessary to help you develop a strategy that maximizes the defensibility of a case or mitigates the severity of a punishment in federal and state courts.

Regardless of where your drug case falls in the spectrum, from simple possession to trafficking in state or federal court, our lawyers have nearly a century of combined experience defending the accused at all levels of drug cases.

Investigating and Suppressing Evidence in Drug Cases

Law enforcement uses advanced surveillance tools and sophisticated techniques to investigate drug cases. In their overzealous approach to the continued war on drugs, police officers often overstep their bounds and act in a manner that is unconstitutional. You are entitled to certain legal remedies when police misconduct occurs. For example, if police did not have probable cause or a lawful warrant, the evidence they found may be inadmissible.

A drug charge defense lawyer on our team will investigate the conduct of the narcotics law enforcement officers. Cheshire Parker Schneider partners with experienced independent investigators who work to determine the true facts of the case and often give us the information we need to effectively counter the prosecution’s evidence. We also meticulously analyze law enforcement procedures and actions taken in your case for police missteps that reach the level of an unlawful search, illegal stop, misuse of stop and frisk, or other wrongful conduct. We then work to develop a persuasive motion to suppress the damaging evidence in the case. This thorough approach to evidence suppression compels law enforcement to act lawfully and protects your personal rights and freedoms.

Our Criminal Defense Team: Zealous Advocates for Your Rights

North Carolina and federal laws impose long sentences for felony drug convictions, often amounting to what is virtually a life sentence. As your zealous advocates, our defense team aggressively pursues the best outcome possible to your charges. Primarily, we fight for suppression of crucial evidence. When the facts and legalities make evidence suppression impossible, we might then negotiate for shorter jail time, reduced charges or other means of placing you in a better position that is appropriate to the facts of your case.

Speak With a Raleigh Drug Charge Defense Lawyer at Cheshire Parker Schneider

The earlier you retain a qualified lawyer, the better your chances of a successful outcome to your drug offense case. Our Raleigh drug charge defense attorneys handle federal and North Carolina drug cases. We lodge a thorough investigation to gather crucial evidence for motions to suppress whenever possible. This hard-hitting approach can often keep unlawfully obtained damaging evidence out of court. Call Cheshire Parker Schneider at (919) 833-3114 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.