Steps to Take When Facing a Grievance Filed by the North Carolina Medical Board

As a physician facing disciplinary action from the North Carolina Medical Board, there are steps you should begin taking promptly in order to minimize the consequences to the greatest extent possible. Depending on the severity and extent of the allegations, you could be facing sanctions up to and including revocation of your license – so you need to commit yourself to doing what is necessary to protect your practice.

While each case is unique, the following are all general steps physicians can take to begin preparing their defense when facing a grievance filed by the North Carolina Medical Board:

1. Make Sure You Understand the Allegations

The first step toward building an effective defense strategy is to understand the allegations against you. The notice you received should provide some insights, but you may need help from an attorney to gain a clear understanding of the severity of your present circumstances. The North Carolina Medical Board pursues cases for issues ranging from misrepresentations on license applications to criminal healthcare fraud, and the nature of your case will determine what you need to do to protect yourself.

2. Start Gathering Evidence

Once you know what the case is about, then you can start gathering evidence to aid in your defense. This could include academic records, patient records, billing records or any of a number of other types of documentation. You need to be careful about whose help you solicit during this process, and the best thing you can do is to seek guidance from your attorney.

3. Advise Your Staff to Avoid Mistakes that Could Hinder Your Defense

While you are facing disciplinary action, it is important that you and your staff avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your defense. This takes on heightened importance if there is a possibility that the allegations involved could also lead to criminal charges. Any ongoing improprieties relating to the grievance should be addressed promptly, and your staff must avoid disposing of emails, records and other evidence that may be relevant to the case.

4. Understand the Possible Consequences of an Unfavorable Resolution

In disciplinary proceedings, the North Carolina Medical Board’s authority ranges from taking no adverse action to annulling or revoking the physician’s license to practice medicine in the state. Similar to understanding the allegations against you, understanding the potential consequences will be critical to constructing your defense. Can you avoid sanctions altogether? Or, should your defense strategy focus on minimizing the consequences of an adverse decision? These are crucial questions that require you to make informed decisions as soon as possible.

5. Hire an Experienced Professional License Defense Attorney

You are entitled to legal representation during your disciplinary proceeding; and, with your professional reputation (and potentially your license) at stake, you cannot afford to try to defend your case on your own. At Cheshire Parker Schneider & Bryan, PLLC, the attorneys in our professional ethics and licensing defense section represent physicians in Raleigh and statewide; and, if necessary, we can take action quickly to help you protect your practice.

Speak with a Professional License Defense Attorney about Your North Carolina Medical Board Grievance

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