Raleigh defense attorney Elliot Abrams discusses cell phone tracking by police

A WRAL Investigates report revealed that, for the last five years, Raleigh police have used a device called "Stingray" that captures cellphone data, allowing police to track a person's movements in real time and monitor cellphone use. While a spokesperson for the Raleigh Police Department said that the Department's use of Stingray "complies with state and federal requirements," he did not say whether police obtain warrants before deploying the device. The report continues: "Raleigh defense attorney Elliot Abrams said the Constitution requires police to obtain a warrant before delving into people's private lives." "'The question here is not whether they can use the technology. The question is whether they can use the technology without first going before a judge [to obtain a warrant],' Abrams said." "Abrams said he expects [this] issue . . . will ultimately have to be decided by the Supreme Court."