Is Your Professional License Being Threatened? Know Your Rights and Protect Yourself

You have to have a license to perform many tasks in today’s world—drive a car, practice medicine, law, and other specialties, repair electronics and appliances, install heating and air conditioning and perform certain types of contract work. These are only a few of the professions that require workers to undergo extended training and education, and obtain (and maintain) professional licenses to certify they possess the knowledge and skill to perform their jobs. In these professions, maintaining a license is critical to success and continued income, and professional license defense attorneys in Raleigh know how devastating it can be to have that license threatened by sanctions or complaints. North Carolina has several requirements and standards for professionals who hold licenses in the state, and many regulatory boards oversee these areas of practice. If a professional fails to meet the standards set forth by the state or the professional licensing board, the outcome could be disastrous for his or her livelihood, family and clients, as was the case with a local contractor recently. Area Contractor’s License Suspended Last month, a state board suspended a contractor’s license after a carbon monoxide leak killed three hotel guests in Boone, NC. The contractor had converted the hotel’s pool heater from propane to natural gas, a move that violates the pool manufacturer’s warnings. The heating system leaked carbon monoxide into one of the hotel rooms almost a month after the repair job and poisoned a young family. Based on this incident, the State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating, and Fire Sprinkler Contractors suspended the contractor’s license. What to Do A publicized complaint about your work can threaten your income and your continued business success, and a license suspension can put an end to your career. Therefore, it is important for licensed professionals to protect themselves from the very start. Take immediate action once a complaint has been filed with your license board or agency to help minimize the damage and defend your name. Once a complaint has been filed, you will need to make a response, usually in writing. A qualified professional license defense attorney can help you prepare your response and review the regulations and your response before it is submitted to the board. Following the response,. The board will often then conduct a probable cause review to determine whether and how to proceed with your case, and you may need to attend informal interviews and a formal disciplinary proceeding. Throughout this process, you can work with your attorney to mount your defense and appeal the board’s decision if it is not in your favor. Contact Us At Cheshire, Parker, Schneider and Bryan, our team of lawyers represent attorneys, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, contractors, teachers, and other licensed professionals in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina that have received complaints from a licensing board or agency or have had their licenses revoked or suspended. For more information about how best to protect your license and your livelihood, call our office today!
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