NCAA Infraction Defense

Our Lawyers for College Athletic Infractions Defend Your Livelihood

The NCAA Enforcement Division regularly investigates and brings infractions cases against coaches, student athletes, and institutions. Of course, if a successful infractions case is brought against you, you may be prohibited from participating in collegiate sports. Our NCAA defense lawyers are some of the few lawyers in the country with experience going toe-to-toe with the NCAA prosecutors and winning.

In the Complex Area of NCAA Infractions Cases, Experience is Key

Without a deep knowledge of the complex and ever-changing rules governing NCAA investigations and infractions matters, it is difficult for lawyers to effectively represent your interests. Our NCAA defense lawyers have developed the necessary experience handling infractions investigations and cases, from representing individuals during investigations to successfully defeating serious infractions charges (referred to as a Notice of Allegations).

For example, Elliot Sol Abrams successfully defended his client in the long-running NCAA infractions case related to alleged academic fraud against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Our college sports defense lawyers also have represented head and associate head coaches and student athletes in investigations and infractions matters.

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Note that the specific case referenced above does not represent all of the cases Cheshire Parker Schneider has handled, and past results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases. Every case is unique.