Elliot Abrams forfeiture win discussed in NC Lawyers Weekly

A recent victory by Raleigh white collar criminal defense lawyer Elliot Abrams in an asset forfeiture case was the subject of a front page article in NC Lawyers Weekly last month.

As Elliot Abrams and his co-counsel Samuel Hartzell told Lawyers Weekly, “Th[e] ruling will protect innocent people and businesses and is a strong step toward restoring the balance of power between
the government and the accused.”

The decision was issued by the entire Fourth Circuit sitting en banc. (Full text of opinion). It overruled decades' old precedent that allowed the government to seize assets from individuals even though the government acknowledged that those assets were not earned illegally.

Elliot Abrams represents individuals and businesses in asset forfeiture matters. He can be contacted at elliot.abrams@cheshirepark.com.