Congress Says Criminal Justice Reform Legislation Likely Next Year

Last week, President Obama met with numerous congressional leaders of both parties to encourage them to move forward with pending legislation that would reform the federal criminal justice system. (WaPo, Sentencing Law and Policy Blog). Both the House and Senate have considered numerous proposals, some of which include provisions that would reduce the mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug crimes; others would add provisions to nearly all federal offenses that require the government to prove, at least, that the defendant "knew, or had reason to believe, that the conduct was unlawful"; and others would eliminate federal offenses that criminalize "trivial conduct."

Although much still needs to be decided, the Senate Minority Whip, Richard Durbin, believes that congress has "a good chance" of passing criminal justice reform legislation in early 2016 and sending it to the president "before the midpoint of the year." Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley also seemed optimistic.

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