College Drinking

In schools across America, college students have been known to spend their weekend nights at parties, sporting events and bars, celebrating the end of a week of courses and internships by sharing a few cold drinks with their friends. Alcohol is a time-honored tradition at many schools, and students enjoy the chance to let off steam and experience life on their own. As students get older and move into off-campus housing, the popular spots often move farther away from the student’s residence. And while many campuses offer shuttle services, such services may not always be an option for students hoping to get home after a night out. Far too often, after a few drinks, students make the decision to drive home, rather than cab or Uber, and many get arrested or into an accident in so doing. What some students may not realize is that being charged with drunk driving at the college level can bring more consequences than simply the penalties outlined in the state’s laws, DWI lawyers in Raleigh say. Students should be aware that their universities and colleges may get involved and a DUI/DWI charge can have a lasting impact on their education and careers. In addition to possible school sanctions, a DUI/DWI charge will follow you on your school record and may have to be disclosed on internship and job applications. Thus, a DWI could affect your options for graduate school and future employment. It may even prevent you from obtaining scholarships or other forms of financial aid. Commuting Commuter students do not have the luxury of walking from their dorm rooms or apartments to their classes, and they often rely on their own vehicles to get them to school every day. A DWI charge in North Carolina can lead to a license suspension in some situations and can cut down a commuter student’s options for transportation. In these cases, a judge may be willing to consider granting temporary limited driving privileges so the student does not have to miss classes. Reckless Driving In some cases, a student may be facing a combination of drunk driving charges and reckless driving charges, which could result in jail time. A student facing sentencing that would involve jail could be forced to miss classes and fall behind as a result. Reducing your charges or the sentence may help you keep on track for graduating on time and obtaining the job and future you have worked so hard for. At the law offices of Cheshire, Parker, Schneider, and Bryan, our Raleigh DUI lawyers represent student and adult drivers who have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A DUI/DWI charge does not have be the end of your education or career. To discuss your case and explore your defense options, contact one of our attorneys today.
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